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About Hired Hands Lawn Care and Irrigation - Hamilton's Top Lawn Care Company

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Hired Hands Lawn Care and Irrigation is your trusted Hamilton lawn care company for achieving a lush, vibrant lawn. Founded in 1988, and purchased in 2014 by Carlos Maiato, a seasoned expert with 20 years of experience, our lawn care company has been a staple in the industry. Carlos reflects on two decades of dedication, stating, "I have been in the lawn care and irrigation industry for 20 years. The results from my work have been rewarding but the relationships I've built with my clients made me appreciate it more. Staying connected and seeing how happy they are with our work keeps me going."

As a premium lawn care company, we are passionate about transforming your outdoor space into a thriving haven. Specializing in both lawn care applications and irrigation, we combine our extensive expertise with a personal touch. What sets us apart is our commitment to building lasting relationships with our clients, ensuring that every interaction is more than just a transaction. As the local provider of lawn care in Hamilton, we take pride in our community roots and strive to provide unparalleled service.

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Our mission is clear: to alleviate the burden of maintaining a healthy lawn. We pair that with a unique promise to create a beautiful lawn while building great client relationships. You can trust Hired Hands Lawn Care and Irrigation to be your dedicated lawn care company on the journey to a healthier, more beautiful Hamilton lawn.

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